FENs is made from 100% natural materials such as botanic extract (rosemary oil, sesamin, mugwort, tussilago, farfara, sasaveitchii, cherry blossom, lotus, etc.) and minerals from substances accumulated at the bottom of sea. FENs is proved to be non-toxic by Japan Food Research Laboratories and SGS.


Promotion of plants growth

FENs can promote the growth of plants , shorten their growth period, and keep them fresh. As a result, FENs can substitute part of fertilizer.


Remove the bad smell from rubble

A great earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. The amount of rubble is about 18 million tons. There was no effective deodorant to remove the bad smell, until FENs succeeded in deodorization for the first time.


Deodorization aids for animals

By drinking water with FENs, the smell of animals feces is weakened. In addition, their appetites become larger so they eat more forage and grow faster.

When many chemical fertilizers are applied to the soil, highly toxic substances are accumulated. These toxic substances greatly destroy the original ecosystem, resulting in less useful microbes, and leading to an environment where pathogens and pests are easy to live.
Because FENs is made from 100% natural sources, it will not cause any damage to soil. By using FENs instead of chemical fertilizer, crops can still grow well. At the same time, you are protecting the environment.